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description: Live music Thursday to Sunday, DJ's 7 nights a week, upstairs dancefloor Thursday to Saturday. Open 1pm until 7am, happy prices til midnight ?1 Stella
tags: mirano, oreillys, fuse

address: Kiekenmarkt 55
1000 Brussels, Brussels

total: 3.9
food: 2.0
drink: 4.4
atmosphere: 3.9

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Comments: Juste Enjoy x)

For my, the best Irish pub in Brussels. Recommends weekend, after 9h00 p.m

- Paterson, Brussels
created: 21/08
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Comments: Good prices before midnight with live music and upstairs disco.A good place to meet people from all over the world,unfortunately it also attracts some local pick-pockets and scumbags trying to take advantage of drunken tourists so be carefull of possesions.It is also very narrow downstairs and can get extremely crowded and very noisy too after about 22.00 .If you stay from midnight to 08.00 do not be surprised if you meet some real Belgium weirdos or freaked out tourists but you will have probably turned into a zombie yourself by this stage of the evening :-) - Rob, Belgium
created: 30/04
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: good prices on drinks but horrible atmosphere during night time. a lot of scumbags, horrible people and terrible music..it gets even worse in the early mornings, with few women and all the drunkies of brussels city - besi, belgium
created: 18/06
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Comments: fuckin nice place.atmosphere was bombe.i laik.nice and easy girls.
we häd fun.possibel. - Heut rasselts in Brussels, Germany
created: 16/03
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: ur man underneath is dead right. the place is a fuckin dive. a beehive for scumbags including the dirty so-called security, more like thugs on the door. wouldnt recommend this place to anyone (especially girls) just cheapskates who afford a nice pint in a nice pub called O' Reillys. - Fuck Celtica, Ireland
created: 14/01

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