De Dulle Griet

general info

address: Vrijdagmarkt 50
9000 Ghent, East Flanders

total: 2.0
drink: 3.5
atmosphere: 1.5

available beers
no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: I am from Ghent and i pick it like it is and i most say the one comment below has a right statement...this bar looks great, offers a lot in guides but overall it doesn't give you friendly analysis. The people behind the bar give you the atmosphere like you visit your own funeral
created: 10/06
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: I was hugely dissapointed with my visit here. The inside is great..lots of wood, old beer signs, and nooks to hide in. But the two main problems were the beer range and the staff. They advertise 2,500 beers but when we asked for a Mort Subite we were rudely told "What's on the card" - which was about 20 beers. We might have accepted this but it was the rude way we were told it, followed by the waiter walking away that made us feel unwelcome. The beers rating is marked down beers because of the disappointment between what is advertised and what is available, and the atmosphere because of the rudeness. We were there during an afternoon on the first day of the festival so I know they were busy and this might not be representative. But you can only review what you find so I'm afriad it's not a very good rating. Maybe if I'm back in the winter I might give it a second chance but there are plenty of other places in Gent that I'd go to first.
created: 30/07

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