Don Quichotte

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tags: boru

address: Elermarkt 14

total: 4.5
drink: 4.8
atmosphere: 4.5

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no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
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Comments: My wife and I dropped by this local while on holiday. Bartenders were great, with a relaxed yet festive atmosphere. Stop by for a drink and enjoy. - Tony, USA
created: 27/02
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: A little gem of a bar tucked away down a side street just off the Markt. Sofie, the barmaid when we were there was a little cracker. It became our 'local' during our trip, we tried the rest but this was the best! - Lynn , UK
created: 27/12
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Without a shadow of doubt one of the best little bars in Bruges. The bar staff, Jurgen and Bart, make everyone very welcome. Excellent beer both draught and bottled and almost continuous music to suit all tastes. it's just a pity they don't have the room to provide snacks. - Keith, England
created: 12/10
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: This is a small pub in the center of Bruges but one of the best. The music selection is really eclectic and the people are friendly. Not a party pub but good to sit and have a few drinks and a chat. And of course, being Belgium, the beer is excellent.
created: 17/02

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