Fabian O'Farrell's

general info
tags: irish, celtica

address: 7 Place De Luxembourg
1040 Brussels, Brussels

total: 3.4
food: 3.4
drink: 3.8
atmosphere: 3.6

available beers
no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Irish Pubs Directory
Comments: Great pub with very friendly staff and customers - David, Belgium
created: 28/04
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Irish Pubs Directory
Comments: The best ever! - me, Spain
created: 28/04
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Free Spirit
Comments: don't know who gave that last review but it sure ain't the same bar i try and avoid like the plague after giving it so many tries, just because brussels doesn't have any decent sports bars doesn't mean this lame excuse is a good one, sorry, John-USA
created: 03/11
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Watering hole for tired European Parliamentarians, lobbysists and journos. Staff are generally friendly and efficient apart when shouted at by the generally jovial bar managers -- who may buy you a beer if you are very good. Food is good pub scram and beer choice is pretty standard for a Belgian bar. This a bar for chatting talking rather than gawking at the TV or having your conversation drowned Britney Drears and her ilk. - The Chugulator, England
created: 19/05

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