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address: 17-23 Rue Henri Maus
1000 Brussels, Brussels

total: 1.0
food: 2.0
drink: 3.5
atmosphere: 2.0

available beers
no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
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Comments: I used to be a regular customer in Falstaff, until it changed. From being a bustling, atmospheric place with a great beer list this bar went to being quiet with a poor beer list. The food menu is quite short, with such things as rabbit in cherry beer, and salmon in lemon and honey. Not too bad, but not brilliant. Where this place really comes down is the service. Arrogant, ill-mannered waiters hover constantly, slamming your plate of food down on the table with a crash. We did not leave a tip for the staff, and will ceratinly never visit this establishment again. - Louise, England
created: 17/03

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