general info

address: 5 Groentenmarkt
9000 Ghent, East Flanders

total: 4.0
food: 3.5
drink: 3.3
atmosphere: 3.3

available beers
no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Difficult to oversee, nice tiny place but their Charles Quint beer is not of the best. Their terrace is one with a great sight but no water or bridge like nearby-located Bierhuys. So a place for observers and dreamers of the daily diary.
In the past it had a better character inside. Now it's only nice to be with friends at your own preparated table
created: 10/06
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: The smallest bar in Ghent. About 20 meter from the 'Gravensteen'.
created: 11/02
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: nice terras,good drinks and somethimes the service is beatiful .especially in the weekend - Peterpan, Belgium
created: 16/07

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