Old Oak

general info
tags: michael, collins

address: 26 Rue Franklin
1000 Brussels, Brussels

total: 2.7
food: 4.0
drink: 4.0
atmosphere: 2.7

available beers
no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
total    atmosphere   
Comments: Never again! A waiter who offends the clients through a microphone accusing them to be 'retarded' (I am quoting) and telling them to 'sod off' because there is no place for them, should not be allowed to work in a pub (nor in any other place). And definitely this is not the kind of person I want to have around in my free time. - Ann, Belgium
created: 23/03
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Food very good, cheap drinks and good atmosphere. Has sports on big screens. - Roy, Belgium
created: 28/07
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Well worth a visit or 3. Very friendly although busy staff. The food is well cooked, presented and at a very resonable price. Music tends to be acoustic type but amplified, sometimes too loud for the size of bar. On the whole an excellent experience. - Howie Tiernan, Belgium
created: 13/06

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