Porter House

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tags: quality, irish-style, food, and, hospitality

address: Kapucijnenstraat 19

total: 3.0
food: 3.0
drink: 1.0
atmosphere: 3.0

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Comments: I used to be the head chef there
The owner ray is a rude idiot who has no idea how to run a pub as he lost 3 others and bankrupt this one
He is a fool who thinks he is Irish but was born in Norfolk
He is a drunk and a Pratt and I would advise any not to eat or drink there Oh and all his vodkas and barcardi is fake and so is his porter house stout which is actually murphys I'm sure the brewery will be please to know that

Mark - Mark , From ireland
created: 04/11
total    food    atmosphere   
Comments: This pub should be the Irish embassy for food in Belgium. Really tasty stuff (I recommend the breaded garlic mushrooms and cottage pie) and a very Irish welcome by the staff. And I compliment this pub as a committed teetotaller
There are many Irish pubs in Europe claiming to serve Irish food, but they serve embarrassing versions of it. The Porterhouse can stand over its reputation to serve quality Irish style food combined with hospitality. I only wish there were a similar Porter House in Luxembourg. - Andrew, Luxembourg
created: 01/05

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