The Celtic Towers

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address: St.-Michielshelling 6

total: 3.2
food: 3.8
drink: 3.4
atmosphere: 2.9

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Comments: For a family or football night maybe great. But it all feels to comfortable, not a real meeting place. If you want that, go for Patrick Foley's. The owner is not totally fair, i will not explain why
created: 10/06
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Comments: Lousy food, Lousy Service. Many other great places in Ghent to go and enjoy. Avoid at all costs. - Canada61, USA
created: 26/10
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Comments: We arrived into Gent hungry and thirsty. A friend had recommended The Towers for a bit of grub. The food was excellent and very reasonable. Bottles of Stella were only a euro. You can't go wrong. We ended up staying there for the day. It was great being able to smnoke in a pub for once! The staff were friendly enough. Heading back there in a few days and we'll definitely make a trip back to the Towers.
last login:
02/04/2012 01:02
created: 20/07
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Comments: Been to ghent on a regular basis over the past few years and have always found ourselves having a good pint and excellent food at the towers day or night.The owner John from Carlow by the way has always looked after us and has been known the party well into the early hours with good music. The location is in a beautiful area of the city and must not be missed. Have brought different friends with me on occasion and each time they loved it. Keep up the good work John.
last login:
16/04/2010 21:10
created: 29/09
total    food    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Excellent pub, food was really tasty and not expensive. In the centre of city so visited other bars but always came back to this one. Staff pretty friendly and even suggested other places to try while in Gent. Glad I ignored stupid reveiew by Jimmy from Ireland, maybe he got this pub mixed up with the rather average Irish pub Patrick Foleys nearby?
last login:
02/04/2012 01:02
created: 06/02

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