Thomas Stapletons

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tags: irish

address: Standonckstraat
3000 Leuven, Flemish Brabant

total: 1.0
food: 3.0
drink: 3.0
atmosphere: 1.0

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no beers found.

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Comments: This pub has a pleasant look to it, but its such a shame about the bar staff, I was unluckly a whitness to one of the bar staff beating up a young customer who was just been shouted at by another client. The teenager was asked to leave and on his way to the door he was grabbed by the barman and punch in the face. His reaction was not pleasant but the most horrible part was that 3 more bar staff followed choking, punching and kicking the poor lad, untill he was thrown to the floor outside where they punched him. Then after he got to his feet and asked them to stop the barman who started the event chased him down the road shouting \"i'm going to kill you\". It is a rather pleasant pub if you like watching people being beaten up by multiple barstaff, a great display of true cultural language and intimidation which is all key to a nice night out. Truely one of the worst experiences of my nightlife.
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24/06/2013 17:37
created: 30/01

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