Wild Geese

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tags: the, fuse, james, joyce, kitty, o'shea's

address: Av. Livingstone 2-4
1000 Brussels, Brussels

total: 2.0
food: 2.7
drink: 3.0
atmosphere: 2.6

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reviews about this cafe
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Comments: After reading poor reviews on this pub i have to say my self and my friends had one of our BEST nights out in Brussels here: )We stumbled upon the pub on a Sunday night when others were all closed ... We all ordered the home made burger which was very tasty and the bar man recommended the apple crumble which after saying "no" to we soon cleared the plate, very tasty ! Our barman "Freid" was sooo funny, helpful, and welcoming (even offering to move our table as we were cold) we decided to stay for some drinks, he was happy to help with taking photos, and tried to help with directions for the following day while we were enjoying our drinks and the Jagermeister shot !! We left around 2am and had we not have to been catching a flight the following morning would have all stayed later we had such a good laugh even though the pub was very quiet on the Sunday night. We returned the following day before catching our bus to Charleroi airport and enjoyed a tasty lunch and saw a different side to the bar with lots of business people using it for lunch time meals from the surrounding office buildings. Thanks for a great night out : ) - Pam Mackay, Scotland
created: 09/03
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Comments: What can I say ,, just back from weekend in Brussels.. called to WIld geese on Friday evening.. two in bar.. barman very blasae.. He just doesnt care about doing business.. what more can I say.
The atmosphere was dead as a duck and very disappointing..as prior to travelling we had spoken to someone who used to go there some five years ago and found it great...I'M afraid it has passed its day - Catherine from Kerry, Ireland
created: 06/01
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Comments: Typical Irish bar but placed into an anonymous building. Inside it's all wood as usual and is quite spacious. It also has a small terrace. Unfortunately that's the best that could be said they Sunday afternoon we called in.
The place was practically empty and we went to the bar and ordered two Magners (Cider). The barman repeated the order to me and then proceeded to pour two Strongbow, which for anyone unfamiliar with it is a different cider brand. When I asked him if that was Magners or Strongbow he told me they had no Magners. We reluctantly accepted it but when he was returning from the till I spotted two bottles of Magners in the fridge and asked him about them. He got them out and charged me a top-up for the price difference. When we sat down further along the bar we saw more Magners in the fridge and a tap.
Since he had repeated the name to me he knew he was pouring something different and was either too lazy to check if what I wanted was available or else they got a better profit margin on the Strongbow. Either way I don't like being taken for a fool and won't be back.
created: 28/05
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Comments: Totally run-down over past three years but new owners may finally replace the dirty, broken furniture - Roy, Belgium
created: 28/07
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Comments: a necessity to go here if waiting for a RyanAir bus to or from Charleroi! the staff let you know that the bus is outside so you can finish your pint!
created: 30/10

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