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address: Elermarkt

total: 4.3
drink: 4.3
atmosphere: 4.0

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no beers found.

reviews about this cafe
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Comments: No atmosphere and really was the most badly served beer of the visit to Brugge (head collapsed too quickly although taste was just about ok). Maybe a victim of earlier success or I caught it on a bad night? - George, UK
created: 10/02
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Great lively atmosphere. If you're after a party then this is the spot to visit. Small but with great music and crowd (seem mainly to be foreigners) and of course, this being Belgium, fantastic beer.
created: 17/05
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Top pub, top beer, top music,and the barman Kevin so helpful. Great atmosphere enjoyed by all who entered. Try to visit at least once, youn will return. - Crocket, UK
created: 27/02
total    drink    atmosphere   
Comments: Another small but excellent pub. This is just across the street from Don Quichotte but, despite the same size, has a different atmosphere. More of an expat pub it has a large screen for matches. And at night the atmosphere is louder and more partylike. The music is just as eclectic and it's impossible not to have a good time!
created: 17/02

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