Welcome to BeersFromBelgium.eu!

Welcome to BeersFromBelgium.eu, a vast repository of information on our rich Belgian beer heritage.


The data in our database has been obtained via our own research work and contributions of registered users. Given the size of the database, it is possible (and even quite likely) that errors and/or incomplete data will occur. If you notice a problem, please contact us so the data can be corrected. Hopefully, with your help, we can make sure that the data remains as complete and accurate as possible!

Search function

Our website is built around a search function, which allows you to look for Belgian beers, breweries and cafes in either a simple or advanced way (e.g. via name, alcohol percentage, category, region, ..). To access the advanced search options, select "Advanced search" below the search box. You can also search for breweries and cafes by respectively selecting the "breweries" and "cafes" option in the dropdown list. Search results can be ordered, potentially on several properties at the same time.

Sign up!

Everyone is free to use the search function. If you sign up however, you gain access to all features of the website:

  • Registered users can add new beers, breweries and cafes, and specify which beers are available in certain cafes (see cafe page > available beers).
  • Each registered user can create two so-called beer lists: one list keeping beers "to taste", and one containing "tasted" beers. The user can give a review for each beer in these lists; he can also give a score for beers in the second list. The user can choose whether he wants to share these reviews and scores with other users; if he does, they will be displayed on the beer page. The beer lists can be exported in CSV format (readable by e.g. Microsoft Excel) or printed in a readable format.
  • Registered users can also post cafe reviews.
  • Based on the contents of your beer lists, the system can recommend certain beers to you. Firstly, this involves searching for beers that share certain characteristics with beers from your beer lists. Secondly, beers are recommended by analyzing beer lists from other users (click here for more information about this feature).