Bass pale-ale

general info
brewery: Inbev Belgium NV/SA
alc. perc.: 5.00
category: ale

brew info
no brew information available.

storage info
no storage information available.

pouring info
no pouring information available.

no ingredient information available.

contributions (recent)
Created by user Jan — 18/07/2011 20:03

beer comments
colson frank
Comments: doet mij aan palm denken
t`laat zich goed drinken
In list: tasted beers
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19/05 21:09
created: 25/01/2012 22:43
Comments: Is wel degelijk Belgisch bier, wordt bij Inbev in Belgie gebrouwen.
In list: tasted beers
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02/07/2018 11:41
created: 18/07/2011 20:04 (edited on 04/12/2011 20:09)

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