eXcalibur I.P.A.

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The eXcalibur I.P.A. is the first beer in the eXcalibur gamma and will be available from Saturday 31 March 2012.

I.P.A. is short/an abbreviation for India Pale Ale and it originated as an export beer for the Brits in India during the colonial era. This beer was charactarized by the use of large percentages of hop to prevent spoilage during the long boat trip from England to India.

The addition of 5 hop varieties proves that its name is I.P.A. worthy. Moreover, during the brewing process dry-hopping was used for an even more hoppy nose and taste.
-- source: website bier

general info
brewery: Brouwerij Anders!
alc. perc.: 6.00
category: indian pale ale
website: http://www.excaliburbeers.be

brew info
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storage info
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pouring info
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