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adres: Burg 8
8000 Bruges, West-Vlaanderen

totaal: 4.0
eten: 3.5
drinken: 4.5
atmosfeer: 4.0

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Commentaar: Very popular bar on the Burg square. Lively both day and night as they serve everything from breakfast to beer. Very lively in the evening and as such one of the best places in Brugge to waste some late hours away. Lots of English-speaking ex-pats and tourists so if that floats your boat, be sure to pop in! - Theo, Netherlands
aangemaakt: 01/03
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Commentaar: A Little above the typical Irish Theme Pub, this large pub seems pretty popular with the locals. It's decorated in very definite theme style and is part of a family owned chain. The food is good and it has Belgian and Irish beers. Surprisingly for an Irish pub it's a terrible place to catch a match. Live music every night but the night I was there the guy playing musthave been one of the worst I have ever seen! Much better bars throughout the town.
aangemaakt: 17/02

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