Delirium Cafe

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tags: cellar, 2500, beers, delirium

adres: Impasse De La Fidelite
1000 Brussels, Brussel

totaal: 3.3
drinken: 5.0
atmosfeer: 3.0

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Commentaar: Very nice bar.. *a lot* of beers (2000+ !!), and I have yet to find one on their beerchart that they don't have. The atmosphere is excellent, always quite crowded at night, and with a lot of foreigners (tourists) although it is not a tourist trap. However, service is sometimes lacking; it's not like they're rude, but sometimes there are just too many people in the bar..
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16/07/2016 19:31
aangemaakt: 17/10
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Commentaar: We went to the Delirium Cafe, highly excited and encouraged about its beer. The service was worse than bad. The environment is vibrant. The service is: you are a bother. One waitress in particular ran us off. When we asked for different beers off of the menu, she didn't want to oblige. They just want to serve what is on tap, or is easy to serve. So, what is the point of visiting a place that brags on its assortment of beer? She told us to choose something else. When we asked why, suddenly English became an issue. So, we asked for another waitstaff, and they made excuses for her rudeness, and then they became too busy to retrieve our beer from the menu that we ordered. After being totally ignored by the French female waitress, and the rest of the waiters after we complained about her, we left. Brussels has a lot of nice places to get a beer. This place almost ruined our trip, and they don't have the beer in stock, or they do, but they don't have the staff willing to accommodate you. Go somewhere else and enjoy yourself and not be treated like a piece of dirt. - highm, USA
aangemaakt: 17/03
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Commentaar: Very lively spot that claims to have 2500 beers of which they guarantee 2004 are in stock at any one time. I doubt they get challenged on that claim too often! It's in a small lane and easy to miss but worth visitng. Upstairs is small but the main part is down in the cellar which is pretty big. Music is 80s and the volume is low enough to chat. It attracts a lot of tourists and has a good friendly party atmosphere. Very easy to call in for a drink and end up staying the night.
aangemaakt: 14/06

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