Fat Boy's Sports Bar & Grill

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tags: live, music, tv, sports, celtiga

adres: 6 Place Du Luxembourg
1040 Brussels, Brussel

totaal: 2.8
eten: 3.0
drinken: 3.3
atmosfeer: 2.5

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Commentaar: The only place in Brussels to get American bar food and be able to watch American sporting events. The burgers are HUGE and really good. The drinks are good and the draft beers are a good value. The staff was allways super to us in the 3 years we lived in Brussels.
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30/01/2012 03:19
aangemaakt: 27/09
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Commentaar: The most expensive drinks in Belgium!

I've been all over Europe: UK, Germany, Holland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain... From the hundreds of bars, restaurants and pubs I've been to, Fat Boys is - without doubt - the worst.

Be it the conspicuously unfriendly staff, the foul mouthed, post - traumatic stress type barflies, the obscenely high prices, the remoteness of the place or the wierd, ugly American girls pretending to be French there's something for everyone here to dislike.

If I had to say something nice about it, I'd go for 'brightly lit'.
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28/10/2011 06:07
aangemaakt: 04/11
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Commentaar: The only real sports bar in Brussels, alghough others may say that they are as well. A number of screens showing a multitude of different sports, including a giant screen for special games. Food is classic American but although all choices are good try the ribs and or the wings they are fantastic. Great choice of cocktails that wont break the bank. Atmosphere is welcoming from both staff and clientelle. Wellk worth a visit or 10. - Howie, Belgium
aangemaakt: 21/02

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