Hopverdomme IPA is golden blond beer, and a response to the very bitter beers that are being brewed all around the world at present. In this case, the denomination IPA does not stand for India Pale Ale, but for Incredible, Powerful & Amazing. Instead of mostly American hops, 7 Flemish hops from the Westhoek region (Maritime Flanders) have been used. Obviously, the taste is very bitter, but the beer has a “balance” that makes it very drinkable and invites you to have another round. Alcohol content: 7%
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general info

This beer is no longer brewn.
brewery: Brouwerij Deca Services
contract brewery: De Struise Brouwers
alc. perc.: 7.00
category: ?

brew info
fermentation type: high
fermentation in bottle: yes
evolution of taste: yes
bitterness: 140 EBU

storage info
no storage information available.

pouring info
no pouring information available.

Cascade, Challeger, dryhopping, Target

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Geeroms Rudi
Comments: Gekocht in de Prik en Tik te Arendonk op 27/03/2015.
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28/03 22:40
created: 10/04/2015 19:56
Comments: De 2012 versie geproefd op het ACBF van Alvinne. Een imperial DIPA van 15% en 350 EBU. Fruitig in de neus en een aangename, "fruitige" bitterheid in smaak.
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11/06/2012 17:41
created: 10/06/2012 16:35

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