Philly Tripel

For the fourth time, Philly Beer Week–the longest running and largest week-long celebration of craft beer in America–is sponsoring a collaboration between one of their city’s own breweries and a great brewery from Belgium. This year, Brewery Dilewyns in Belgium worked together with the team at Philadelphia’s own Dock Street Brewing to create a beer worthy of representing the rich brewing history of both cities. The crew from Dock Street traveled to the small city of Dendermonde in the Flemish region of Belgium to begin brewing at Brewery Dilewyns in mid-February. The resulting limited edition beer, brewed exclusively for Philly Beer Week, is Philly Tripel. A Belgian Abbey Tripel, the beer is brewed with organic acacia honey from Belgium (along with a small amount of honey brought by each member of the brewing team from Dock Street). Known for its clean and floral flavor, acacia honey gives the beer a delicate hint of sweetness, along with warm flavors of vanilla. The beer pours a stunning copper hue and has a beautiful effervescence–it combines a malt flavor against a rich backdrop of spice with a dry hop finish. With limited quantities available, you won’t want to miss out on this spectacular once-in-a-lifetime beer, available now. Despite being one of the newest craft breweries in Belgium, Brewery Dilewyns has a family history rich with brewing experience. Tucked away in the small town of Dendermonde, the brewery is run by head brewer Anne Catherine Dilewyns, only 26 years old and the youngest brewer in Belgium. Anne Catherine operates the brewery along with her sisters, using recipes developed by their father, Vincent. Not the first female brewer in her family, Anne Catherine’s great-great-grandmother opened her own brewery in 1875. Only in production since 2011, Anne Catherine’s beers have already received accolades from publications such as Saveur, the Chicago Sun Times and First We Feast, setting her up as one of the industry’s most ambitious newcomers to watch in the coming years.
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This beer is no longer brewn.
brewery: Dilewyns
alc. perc.: 8.50
date of first
13 February 2014
category: triple

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Biologische accaciahoning
Plaatselijke ingredienten uit Philadelphia

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Geeroms Rudi
Comments: Gekocht in de brouwerijshop van Brouwerij Dilewyns in Dendermonde op 5-6-2014. Gelukkig had ik in de voormiddag een e-mail gestuurd naar Claire Dilewyns want toen ik daar aankwam had ze voor mij het aller-allerlaatste 4-pack opzijgezet. Het spreekt vanzelf dat ik helemaal in de wolken was. 3 dagen later hem geproefd en goed bevonden, de accaciahoning zorgt inderdaad voor een lekker zoet toetsje. De geur is lichtzoetig fruitig en wat gist kan je ook ontwaren. Philly heeft een helder blonde kleur en geeft veel wit schuim, dit ziet er gelijkmatig uit en blijft redelijk stabiel. Enkele kleine CO2 pareltjes zijn ook te zien. De smaak is wat lichtjes bitter en ook licht zoet (van de honing) dit zoete maakt hem lekker, ook kan je wat sinaas en een weinig peper smaken. De nasmaak duurt evenwel niet al te lang en is fruitig en wat licht bitter. Philly is matig volmondig, geeft geen droog gevoel in de mond en je merkt ook een beetje de alcohol.
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