Trignac from Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck was introduced in the spring of 2013 and is far more than a tripel matured in oak barrels. It is, in fact, the first genuine tripel matured in recycled French cognac barrels. These special maturation barrels can only be used sparingly. It is therefore no surprise that this beer has a very limited production run and is marketed in numbered bottles. The beer’s name is a reference to the French community of Trignac. In addition to being the most exclusive beer in the range, the Trignac is also the heaviest Kasteel beer based on its alcohol percentage. The Kasteel Tripel enters the barrel with an alcohol percentage of 9% ABV to end up being bottled at 12% ABV. After all, one has to take into account that every used barrel will still contain a number of litres of cognac (absorbed by the wood), that are released into the beer during ripening.
-- source: brewery website
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brewery: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck
alc. perc.: 12.00
category: triple

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