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tags: irish, english, belgian, guinness, jupiler, paddys, bar

adres: Jezu?enrui 4

totaal: 3.9
eten: 2.0
drinken: 3.8
atmosfeer: 4.1

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16/07/2016 19:31
aangemaakt: 21/09
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Commentaar: Not sure who you are AndyCapp, but yes, it's me !
I did get a 996 to take to Spain, but the bike was a bit of a nightmare on town streets and when the cluth fell apart when i was almost stationary (after just having a blast down the motorway at 140mph+), i decided to get rid of it.
Now got teh RC30, R1, GS100G and a few smaller ones, but as i'm currently in the Middle East, i don't get much time to ride them i'm afraid.
Put me out of my misery and let me know who your.
Cheers to all at Mollys,
Jonnyoneye - Jonnyoney, Now Abu Dhabi
aangemaakt: 04/07
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Commentaar: Hey jonnyoneye, I think I know you. Aren't you into bikes aswell? Did you not get a Ducati when you were in Spain.

Greets from Antwerp mate
aangemaakt: 07/07
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Commentaar: Sometimes great craigh
Sometimes great music
The oldest and at the same time the smallest Irish pub in antwerp.
aangemaakt: 04/07
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Commentaar: forgot to mention about the food : there is none ! exept during the Xmas party
aangemaakt: 04/07

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