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beschrijving: Karaoke disco, Thursday and Sunday, Disco every Friday and Saturday till 6!
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adres: Boulevard Anspach 79
1000 Brussels, Brussel

totaal: 3.3
eten: 3.3
drinken: 3.1
atmosfeer: 3.0

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Commentaar: A good spot if you like a fight. - Ron, Ireland
aangemaakt: 03/09
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Commentaar: best spot in town by far! the karaoke its great craic. nice staff and good atmosphere unlike celtica. and the main bar on the corner is nice too, good food. problem is its a bit pricey but it keeps the scumbags out! - Kelvin, Ireland
aangemaakt: 15/01
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Commentaar: waiter by name of Martin tried to charge for drinks we never got and got offensive when pointed out. Nice food but dry mouth. Everywhere else service is top notch but this place is ridiculous. Didnt want to start throwing fists while in company but wasnt far off. Female waiters were super nice though. - Traveller, EU
aangemaakt: 21/09
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Commentaar: Had my hen party in brussels 16/18 May 08, was the best w/e we ever had. Fab bar exccellent music, friendly people. Planning our next trip already. Keep up the fab lads. See ye soon xxx - Pam and Chicks, Limerick, Ireland
aangemaakt: 22/05
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Commentaar: I would be interested to know which bar man?
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10/10/2011 17:39
aangemaakt: 05/02

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